Aqui pode ler os testemunhos de alguns dos meus alunos que gentilmente aceitaram escrever sobre as suas experiencias em Biodanza. Obrigada a todos!

Here you can read the testimonials of some of my students that have kindly accepted to write about their experiences in Biodanza. My thanks to all!

Biodanza is, of all the activities that I know, the one that most resembles Life in its primordial state, allowing me to  experience the totality of all of my being. It is within the group and in a protected environment, that I am presented with invitations of such richness that allow me to sweetly reunite with my essential truth. Biodanza brought me back my smile, simple and profound, of someone who feels her place in the world. It is Elsa David that masterfully opens the door for me to this irreplaceable weekly journey!

The time during which I have practiced biodanza has intensified the way I am with other persons in mutual understanding, in the narrative and psychotherapy. Did it change my relationship with myself and the world? It sure did. Like with psychoanalysis, with biodanza there is no turning back, it is a path we travel and that we can at stop at any given moment. But we can never return to the starting point. Our perspective on ourselves and on life has changed. And that is a good thing.

Biodanza is the kiss of life from fairytales. It is moving meditation with some pixie dust. It is a peaceful revolution whereby the central apparatus mutes itself and the small cells take over the power of expression. More than anything it has helped me connect thinking, feeling and doing. And all this happens while I dance.

I always remember my first Biodanza class! The theme we danced was the element Fire and from that day onwards I still feel a flame burning inside of me!

Biodanza was a fantastic discovery and represents, for me, free expression, vitality and contact. Through the vivências in class, I get to re-discover myself and establish links between my feelings and actions, in the here and now, transposing these states to my daily life. The physical results and the well-being achieved by the depth and subtlety of the proposed movements are amazing. Biodanza exercises and invigorates me, both physically and emotionally.

Biodanza came into my life at a time of deep emotional crisis. However, if I had not been in a crisis I think the result would have been similar. Without mincing words, biodanza brought me self consciousness. I regained my self-esteem, I felt Alive in the most diverse dimensions, and still today it works as a highly therapeutic method for self-knowledge! Elsa David is for me not only a brilliant and witty facilitator, but also a ...magnanimous human being.

Biodanza gave me back parts of myself which were forgotten and others that were unknown to me, flavoured with confidence and joy. When I dance I forget the “me”, I am part of a whole in the mortar of a group , which makes us freer.

Biodanza for me is closely linked to the facilitator: Elsa David. I was captivated during a session of Biodanza at the beach in Estoril (an annual event not to be missed !).  I went to the regular group sessions thinking it would be an activity to do for a few months (a passtime) but the years have passed and I still have no intention of leaving. This sweet and gentle process of letting ourselves get involved is Biodanza. Our life is lived better. The heart, the gut and the brain give in and ask for more. The process is there. The facilitator is the key.

Biodanza brings me more confidence in myself, more freedom, more compassion and more knowledge about myself and the those around me. Each lesson is a lazy river of affections and a challenge which leads me to greater recognition of myself and the other. I love to learn about personal / human development and to live new experiences. Since December 2014 I chose Biodanza and Elsa David . It is an ongoing wonderful experience!

I consider Biodanza as a pathway (a system) of enormous value to personal development, a lever for change towards having more life in life. My journey with Biodanza was mainly a journey with "affectivity" in which I (re) discovered the existence of a rich and deep interior life, I strengthened my self-esteem, the capacity to establish bonds with others and I felt the reestablishment of the natural flow of life.

With Biodanza I came to feel myself once again. I felt my body once again, I recognized my emotions and above all, I was able to feel my feminine side, I felt once again as a Woman.

Biodanza changed my life for the better, I am more of me, I have no fear of ridicule , I live life more intensely ... I attend biodanza regular classes because they make me feel good , even when I'm down! Smiling, making new friends, embracing without fear, trusting myself and others, it is this and much more that makes me love biodanza.

The life of a university student leaves us with very little free time for ourselves. But there are things that become necessary due to the strength in change and force us to make a little place for it in our lives. For me, Biodanza is one of them.

Biodanza is a meeting without masks, it is truth and affection. In a safe and loving environment transformations happen first within me, then reflecting outwards. A transformation with roots, the wind can blow strong but the safe haven is there, in the Biodanza group of Elsa David.

Biodanza is allowing me to fill my life with much more life. It's so easy to live an existence in which we just survive, one day after the other, all the same. And then suddenly, Biodanza appears, telling me that I am made out of stardust and that there is a life within me ready to be fully expressed in an ocean filled with potentials that are awaken in every class ... and I dance my potentials, I experience them, I take possession of them and bring them into my every day life.

Biodanza is as the poet Fernando Pessoa says: "first we find it strange, but then it grows on us " ... the touch of a warm hand, the feel of a look, of an unconditional hug, a pulsation together. It is something transcendent, which supports us in the rescuing of our own essence.

The biodanza is extremely important to us men! It helped me to balance my yin and yang sides and to reunite me with my identity in all its fullness. I advise all men to practice biodanza and forget the prejudice of not knowing how to dance, I am the best example of that once in the class we forget that after all we did not know how to dance!

Biodanza is  about dancing with our light and our shadow, face to face. It’s about turning us inside out, in a deep and gentle way. It is a kind of an Kinder Egg: a new thing (there is no other personal activity capable of transmutation and transformation as biodanza), a toy (a fun filled revelation) and a chocolate (a sweet gift for the soul).

I just cannot imagine my life without Biodanza. Biodanza came into my life at a time when I was in need of strength and structure so that I could rid myself of an extremely toxic relationship, and it made ll the difference, helping me to overcome this situation. Biodanza saved me.

I like Biodanza because it puts me in touch with my feelings, which is often difficult for me in the outside world, dominated by logic and reason, the moral duties and socio-cultural obligations. Because it allows me to laugh and cry without having to explain why. Because it allows me to be authentic without fearing judgment or criticism. Because I feel that my existence has a meaning that goes far beyond my individuality. Because it makes me a better and happier person.

Biodanza has brought me to a turning point in my individualistic way of being, making me re-learn how to praise myself and others, and more importantly, it made me realize that however much we would like to, we cannot do everything ourselves, and that however different everyone else around me may be, they will probably play an important role in my life. A door has been opened for me so that I can be be happier. I started to do biodanza regularly and here I found the peace and balance I did not know I needed.

Biodanza is fantastic. Biodanza helps me to know my potentials, and to understand how I can manifest them in my day -to-day. I am more aware of myself and my interactions with others. I express my affection in a more open and spontaneous way. I value myself much more as well as others. Biodanza ? YESSSSSS !!!

In Biodanza I found joy and true affection. I like the biodanza because it helps me bring out the best in me and in others. Biodanza has openned the way to be more confident in life.

I practice Biodanza because I feel very well with the people in my group. I like because there is no pre-established rules, creativity has plenty of room to express themselves freely, to the music.

Biodanza brings me more truth in life, it gives me the ability to change what is not good for me, to let go of what I don’t need and to keep what makes me happy. I like to dance this truth, to be part of a simultaneously entertaining and structuring tribe.

Thanks to biodanza I am more in touch with myself. How? Through music and dance ... Feeling ... Feeling on my skin, in every corner of my body, firstly, and inside my soul, later ... Removing masks... Feeling closer to my very essence, who I really am. Learning more about myself, about others, about the world, about life. I leave each class feeling enriched, with the feeling and the intuition that I'm doing what's right for me...

Biodanza helped me to integrate in my body all that I already knew of my process linked to Meditation and Spiritual Therapies. It helped me to improve the relationship with myself and my relationship with others and the world. I would like to thank Elsa for all her captivating sweetness and for the help she gave me in forging ahead on my personal road. 

Biodanza ... I think it's a very interesting way of working emotional blocks, getting to know me better, exercising, having fun, to best myself, to get to the area where the magic happens... the one that is beyond our comfort zone. A smart way to connect all that we are and to experience myself and the world, in all its fullness.

Biodanza gave me back the joy to live life, with greater pleasure.

In Biodanza I can feel and act without much thought. I discovered the beauty in others and some of mine through the eyes of the others, through their embraces and words. I like myself better! Biodanza came into my life without making itself noticed and transformed my way of being with others: I feel more confident, more sensitive to others and very much loved by an affectionate group of persons led by an angel called Elsa David.

Biodanza allows me to recover the inner child in me and to know exactly how I feel, doing one of the things I like most in life, and that is simply to DANCE !!!

Biodanza "forces me", in an informal way, to a meeting with myself within a group. Subtly , through movement , expression , rhythm , melody and the presence of the other members of the group, I have been recovering the life within me and around me, awakening some potentials (affection and communication ) that were asleep. Biodanza surprises me every day that I practice it!

This is how I feel biodanza: a cheerful and aesthetic celebration of our common bond of humanity; a comforting end for harrowing days and loss; a path to learning the sharing of emotions such as love, generosity, reconciliation, and always with so many genuine smiles and warm embraces!

Biodanza introduced me to my dance. And my dance showed me very clearly, the way I see and feel the world. It let me see what I liked and did not like about me, it helped me to be free to express what I feel, to choose what I need. It gave me clarity and sensitivity, tolerance and tranquillity. Biodanza taught me more about the human condition than a thousand philosophy books. It confirmed that the simplest things in life are also the most precious. And that love is what makes the world go round.

My life has changed... I'm treading new paths. I see myself with another look, as I see others. I can look the others without shying away, I can touch and be touched... no doubt, a body that is not touched is dying... and I want to live! I am accepting myself, I am finding myself, and I am happy!!!! The vivências and everything that Biodanza represents have been like a growth of melody within my being. I want to practice Biodanza forever, it is a most wonderful feeling!

Biodanza has allowed me to know me better, to be able to overcome the obstacles inherent to my "fears" or "masks", to realize that the way I am in life essentially depends on me and my choices. I thank Elsa for her sensitivity, insight, care and above all, for the warmth and ability to recognize the weaknesses, difficulties and strengths of her students - thanks to Elsa, I 'm re-learning to live, recognizing every day my full worth :- ) Thank you !

I started practicing Biodanza a few months ago without really knowing what I was getting into. Dancing sounded good to me. I loved it from the first moment - it was fun and in some inexplicable way it made sense to me. Then I had some "scary" moments - the classes made me confront with aspects of myself I did not recognize. And the body spoke louder than the head. But in a strange way, it continued to make perfect sense to me. So I stayed on. And it makes me well. And I'm sad when I cannot go.

I discovered Biodanza in 2001 after a long depression. Since then my life has changed. Sounds like a cliché but it's the truth. Biodanza helps me to reinvent myself, to be a complete woman, dancing life's challenges. It recovered for me the joy and pleasure to continue my journey. I feel truly blessed!

Biodanza has been a fundamental part of my development as a human being. I've been feeling more and more whole, more myself, more structured. I see my life every day in a more "frontal" manner, smiling more, with less anxiety. I am totally convinced that Biodanza influenced the way in which I have been able to experience what life has placed in my path, both the lighter side of things, as well as the darker and more painful side. I believe that I have improved immensely in the way I relate with the others. I am much richer as a human being!

With Biodanza, I regained my self - esteem, I learnt how to say NO and to feel my emotions in a way that I had no longer felt for many years. I came to believe again in my fellow human being and to accept him without judgment. Today I feel more at peace with myself and I have a great joy of living and being with others. Biodanza restored my faith in life and in people.

Biodanza was not entirely a discovery for me, but more of a challenge. I enjoyed breaking away with conventions and prejudices and shedding the shell that surrounds my body. In practicing it, I found a solidarity of affections that makes me come back whenever I can and feel like it (no obligations !).

Each class is a reunion with myself, it is an opportunity to rediscover myself and to get to know myself better and better! This is where I regained the joy of living, which due to circumstances of life, I had lost!! It is where I acquire the tools so that on a daily basis I am able to enjoy more what life has to give... with biodanza and within our group, I feel I am a more WHOLESOME, more COMPLETE, and HAPPIER human being!!!

Biodanza is a journey, a wonderful process of getting re-acquainted with what I feel, what I need, with what I want and don’t want. Without any masks. Without any influences. Without any pre-conceived ideas. Biodanza offers me moments of reflection and learning about myself, about my existence and about how I react to others and to stimuli and about how I face the challenges before me. Biodanza allows me these discoveries and reencounters enriching me in an overwhelming way!